Welcome to our brand new web site!
I am very excited to be up and running with our first blog post.

Pig Vicious Racing was started in the fall of 2011. As the weeks and months and years past we grew. Our group is based in the South Jersey area with members as far as California. Most of our members own street driven cars that run for fun and enjoyment of the sport.

We do not discriminate based on how fast your car is. We have members from 7 seconds to 15 seconds in the 1/4 mile. It’s about the fun and unity that is created by the love of the game. Our group respects all American built muscle cars. Ford, Chevy, Mopar, AMC, etc. So if you love the sport and want an awesome knowledgeable group behind you then Pig Vicious Racing is for you!

Our goal is to have a chapter in every state in the US. I know thats a big goal, however it all makes great sense… for example, if PVR (Pig Vicious Racing) South Jersey wants to go to Florida and race, the Florida chapter can help in any way they can, whether its recommending a hotel, restaurant or even the use of lifts if needed… and so forth.

It comes down to being one BIG car family that knows they can rely on members from other states if needed. It also allows us to set up races with other chapters. If this appeals to you please join us. If you have a small group of racers looking for a home ask about starting a chapter in your area.

Join our mailing list and join us on Facebook. Our Facebook group is a closed group so use the Contact Form to send us a message with your Facebook name and we will add you.

We are still under construction so check back often.

Thank you.
Daniel Herberth (aka Pig Vicious).

23 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Jerry the real punisher says:

    PVR is the best!!!

  2. Salvatore Mattiaccio says:

    Hi all, as Vice President of the club and speaking for our President and founder Daniel Herberth we would like to welcome all to our group of car loving enthusiasts. We like to have fun, blog about different events, car meets and track days. We do not endorse street racing of any kind and are not responsible for any actions of theses kind. If you choose to partake of street racing we want you to understand that our club does not endorse your actions even if you post them on our site and make them visible to all. We strictly embrace track racing and we will hold track events, car meets and cruises throughout the year. We also like to bust chops and nobody is immune from being a target. So please enjoy our group and please do blog and keep us up to date on the stats of the car(s) in your stable.

  3. Love my PVR Piggies! My little V6 may not be fast, but Kermie looks real good! As soon as I hit the lottery you guys can have at it and make it him as quick as a greased pig on a sunny day! 🙂 I am loving the site!!! Great Job Everyone!
    xoxo Anne,Dylan & Keith<—–(by proxy LOL)


  5. great job on the pvr site steve

  6. LIL DIABLO says:

    lil diablo is happy to join in on the fun

  7. looking good…thicker then blood..up herrrr in PVR

  8. Nice job Dan and Steve.

  9. Jen (JRs girl) says:

    As requested… I’d like to say how welcoming and great this group of guys and women are. First time meeting them and they instantly made me feel part of their PVR family. They are a blast to hang with, always laughing at something dan or sal said. I’m glad to have met and joined your clubs you guys are truly amazing individuals!!! Thank you!

  10. Johnny chambers says:

    My name is Johnny Chambers. Cars name is (STUGOTS) I am new to the group but I really can’t wait to hang out with you guys. It’s so awesome to be part of a family in the car community.

  11. Good luck with the site

  12. Rick Houpt says:

    Hung with group just a couple times and was very thankful of how welcoming these guys and girls are. cant wait to be an official member. looking forward to some fun times.

  13. whens the pig hunt start…heard there some prize pigs up in here..would love to mount one on my wall


  14. Great Club by how many orginal members cars are Track Ready
    just ask’n

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